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Bishop McDonnell Memorial High School - Directory

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Name Current NameLocation


Jackson, Pat Alton IL
Kepes, Noreen (Noreen Murawski) Fort Mohave AZ
Kingston, Emily (Emily Dilworth)
Power, Eileen (Eileen King)
Redman, Chloe (Chloe Johnson)
Salute, Louise (Louise O'Neill) Palm Beach Gardens Fl
Woods, Mary Ann


Arlt, Nora (Nora Mitchell) Surprise AZ
Bardia, Diana (Diana Pavey)
Bonaceto, Claire (Claire Grayson)
Celiberti, Marilyn (Marilyn Winston)
Darrow, Marilou (Marilou Castiglia)
Horn, Jean (Jean Caron)
Welsh, Katherine (Katherine Welsh)
York, Susan (Susan O'Connor)


Drambour, Dianne (Dianne Larkin) East quogue NY
Greaney, Loretta (Loretta Miller) Oak Island NC
Hanrahan, Katherine
Hopf, Ginny (Ginny Romaneck)
Reiser, Mary (Mary Eccher)
Roberts, Claire (Claire Kelly)
Valentine, Mary


Burblis, Patricia (Patricia Johnson) tx
Drennan, Pat (Pat Lindau) NY
Fitzsimons, Joan (Joan Evans) friendswood tx
LoMonaco, MaryJo (MaryJo Palmieri) MOORESVILLE NC
Majestic, Maryann (Maryann Humbert) CA
Mascia, Pam (Pam Voloshin) milford Pa
Oropallo, Theresa floral park ny
Pereira, Bernadette (Bernadette Pereira)
Prenderville, Rosemary (Rosemary cassel) Thomaston GA
Rodriguez, Olga


Bruchman, Jeanne (Jeanne Soltis)
Brust, Marion (Marion Melchionda)
Carroll, Beverly Jackson Heights NY
Clavin, Mary Ann
Gonzalez, Lorena
Henry, Suzanne (Suzanne Fiorello)
Kerins, Mary
Matthews, Kathleen (Kathleen Klein) Carmel NY
McDonald, Susan (Susan Horrigan)
McDonnell, Kathryn washington DC
McVeigh, Eileen (Eileen Feather)
Oram, Dianne (Dianne khan) columbia MD
Panchok, Frances
Tagliaferro, Kathleen (Kathleen Vitolo)


DeVora, Karen
Kawas, Georgette (Georgette Carannante)
Ryan, Ellen (Ellen Ohsiek)
Wysocki, Christine


Detector, Metal (Metal Detector)
Fichter, Theresa (Theresa cumberland) surprise az
Lombardo, Rose (Rose Guerin)
Nielsen, Margaret (Margaret Wilkie)
Thomson, Margaret (Margaret Ryan)


DeMaria, Lucille (Lucille Rauff)
Dougher, Christine (Christine O'Rourke)
Murphy, Mariann (Mariann Hayes) NY
Murphy, Phyllis (Phyllis Howell) Brooklyn NY
Tesoriero, Rosalie (Rosalie Urso)
Wall, Barbara (Barbara Bank)


Battle, Jacqueline (Jacqueline Ibraheem, Rock) Brooklyn NY
Carroll, Joan (Joan Thomson)
DeFlorio, Linda
Del Sol, Yliana
Del Valle, Gisela (Gisela Guth) Miami Fl
Ennis, Loretta (Loretta Maragni)
Guido, Carolann (Carolann Ascolesi) KY
Gwozd, Virginia (Virginia Keeney)
Pergamo, Anna (Anna Duffy(Solimando))
Santarpia, Rosemary (Rosemary Calvano) Staten Island NY
Smith, Barbara (Barbara Buck)
Valle, Marguerite


Barton, Christine (Christine Quinn) Boca Raton Fl
Franklin, Barbara (Barbara Franklin-Sweat)
Gilmartin, Patricia (Patricia Mahrle) Oshkosh WI
Kennedy, Mary
Lee, Frances (Frances Chan) Flushing NY
Mooney, Kerynne Preston, vic. Australia Vi
Murray, Dianne
O'Pray, Anne (Anne Stattel)
Sheehan, Patricia (Patricia Swords) Katonah NY
Uzimeckis, Joan (Joan Hoffmann)

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